About the STW Board

The Summer Theater Workshop Board helps to set up and implement guidelines and protocols in order to assist the students in maintaining the integrity of STW, and ensure that the program can move forward with transparency and clarity of intent.

Meet the board of directors

Joe Bishara: A Marysville HS alum and a proud member of AEA, Joe has worked at regional theatres across the Midwestern United States as an award-winning Actor, Director, and Producer. He is currently the Associate Producing Director for CATCO.

Taylor Golden: Taylor is a past cast member, producer, director and stage crew member for Summer Theater Workshop. She is a Deputy Auditor for Franklin County.

Abby Helmuth: Abby is a former parent of Summer Theater Workshop. She is a K-4 Music teacher at Navin and Northwood Elementary in the Marysville School District.

Lisa Minken:  Lisa is the co-founder of the Marysville Summer Theater Workshop. She is the marketing manager for Broadway in Columbus.

Lisa Rose: Lisa is a past parent adviser for Summer Theater Workshop. She is an 8th grade language arts teacher at Buckeye Valley Middle School.

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